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Cold Forming Machine

Our Special Cold Forming Machines

Mitchell Co has serviced the automotive industry for more than three decades producing machines to serve the specific needs of our customers. Our team produces accurate and consistent parts at a high rate of speed in order to ensure the productivity requirements of the customer. Our formed components include the following applications:

• Variable Wall Axle Tubes
• Fuel Filler Tubes
• Driveshaft Tubes
• Trailer Axle Tube End Forming
• Tubular Stabilizer Bars
• Bicycle Frames
• Steering Tubes
• Tubular Tie Rods
• Shock Absorber Reservoir Tubes
• Automotive Steering Gear Components
• Tubular Instrument Panel Beams
• Power Steering Assembly Cylinder Tubes
• Axle Tube Forming
• Two-Station Double End Drive Shafts

Forming Process

The four steps of the forming machine process are done in less than one year. Over one million tubes have been formed via this method. Special machines for a processing copper billet prior to extrusion.

Instrument Panel Beam Tube Cold Forming Cell

This forming cell utilizes an innovative process developed for the manufacture of automobile instrument panel beams. The manufacturing process is carried out by two different forming procedures, both of which Mitchell Co excels at. In the U.S. and Canada, patents have been issued that cover this unique process.

The cell includes a 50,000-lb, three die push pointer and a special tube drawing unit. The drawing unit uses the same tooling components found in a standard draw bench along with additional features that make it unique in the automotive parts manufacturing the industry.

This forming process makes the previous procedure of joining two tubes of different cross sections obsolete, the single formed tube of varying.

Industrial Machines

Variable Wall Tube Drawing Machine

This drawing machine utilizes state of the art hydraulic and electrical systems in combination to process variable wall tubes for special automotive tubular part applications. This one includes:

• Truck & SUV Axles
• Frame Tubes
• Crush Tips
• Engine Cradles
• Core Drill Products
• Pre Hydro-Formed Tubes for Many Applications

Variable wall tubes offer benefits include less material such as steel and less mass, giving a more fuel-efficient vehicle. Engineers can place mass at critical stress points and less mass at the non-critical stress.