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About Our Company and Our Push Pointing Technology

At George A. Mitchell Co, we strive to form meaningful partnerships with our customers by coupling their specific industry knowledge with or proven design experience and development skills. The result of this collaboration is a state-of-the-art push pointer technology that meets or exceeds the demands of our customers. Our technology is designed to provide reliable and consistent performance while also offering an efficient return on investment.

We maintain our customer partnerships through constant feedback, on-site technical support, and further research and development of our push pointer manufacturing processes. Contact us to learn more.

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Serving our International Clients

Our customers located in more than 30 countries, serve a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous industries that produce parts for the fossil fuel industry. The machinery we offer to them works with a variety of tubing and bar materials, including all types of steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and specialty alloys. Our equipment can make tubing that is pierced, extruded, reduced, and previously drawn.

Additionally, our cold forming machines can be used on alloy and carbon steels that have previously been phosphate undercoated and reactive soap lubed. This helps to facilitate subsequent bench draw operations.  This has many advantages over other pointing processes, which typically have to be done before adding the drawing lubricant.