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Quality Machines for the Oil Field Industry 

Companies around the world rely upon our team at George A. Mitchell Co. for the quality, capacity, and durability of the equipment we produce. We are proud of our role in serving the oil field industry and companies in many other manufacturing arenas and work hard to keep that trust.

For example, VAM USA of Houston, TX, a world leader in machined drill pipe and casing tubes, depended on us to produce the largest end forming machines we ever created, and our team came through for them. We delivered two 500-ton drill pipe casing end forming machines to VAM. Those 1,000,000-pound machines operate with a process that is very similar to push pointing, but the API drill pipe casing material possesses yield strengths up to 150,000 PSI.

Up to the Task

The equipment we provided to VAM uses cold forming to prepare the ends of seamless drill pipe and casing tubes before machining premium threads. Tube diameters can range from 4 ½” up to 10 ¾”. These hydraulic cold forming machines perform either of two main operations: a mandrel expansion that is required before machining a female premium thread or a die reduction, which is required before machining a male premium thread. These particular machines are used in a continuous line process for quick deliveries of high-quality premium threads.

As you can see, we are ready to handle whatever requirements you have for push pointer manufacturing, regardless of the scale of the project. Contact us for more information.