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About Our Push Pointers

At George A, Mitchell Co., we want to help you learn about our push pointers and how they work. Our push pointing machines are hydraulically powered and feature contoured gripper jaws to hold a tube in place. With the tube fixed in place, special drawing dies are forced over the end of the material, reducing it to a smaller diameter.

Another Mitchell device guides the reduced end, ensuring that it has a straight and concentric point. This process is repeated until the reduced end reaches the desired diameter. Typically the wall thickness at the reduced point will be higher than the rest of the tube, strengthening the tip. The tip is also never fully sealed so that air can pass through the pipe during later processing. In addition to our push pointing technology, we offer other cold forming machines to augment our services.

Working With Various Industries

Our push pointing machines are commonly used in both ferrous and nonferrous industries to accommodate all styles of metal tubing. All work is also completed cold, making our tube indexing device more efficient than traditional options, which regularly required lubrication and preheating. To learn more about our push pointing machines or to see if they will fit the needs of your business, contact our office.

Various Designs Available

With our push pointing machines, we offer a number of designs with pushing capacities that range from 5,000 lbs to 1,000,000 lbs. The machines can accommodate tubes with an outer diameter ranging from 0.25” to 16”. By offering so many devices, we are able to meet the needs of many businesses, including the oil field industry.