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R&D And Jaw Resurfacing Services

In addition to your cold forming machinery needs, Mitchell offers several services to help develop new products, or maintain current ones, with jaw resurfacing and much more. Upon request, we offer Research and Development on the forming of new tube and bar products. In addition, we offer spare part orders for any and all equipment produced by Mitchell. Contact us today for any of your service requirements.

Research & development (r&D)

Mitchell's in-house R&D center consists of three (3) purpose built machines to accurately simulate and produce prototype cold formed tubes to meet the needs of our broad range of customers.

The equipment includes one (1) 150,000 Lb. Capacity Push Pointer for standard tube push pointing operations; one (1) 120,000 Lb. Capacity Forming Machine that utilizes custom tooling to develop any number of desired tube profiles; and one (1) 60,000 Lb. Capacity Dual End Draw Machine that is currently being retooled to work in conjunction with an industry leading lubrication manufacturer to analyze lube properties when forming tubes.

Large Machine

JAW RESURFACING or replacement

As Mitchell machines age, the tooling are the most frequent components needing replacement. Thanks to our proprietary jaw design, we are able to extend the life of your worn jaws by resurfacing the jaw-to-tube interface. This extends the life of the tooling immensely, and is far less expensive than replacing the entire jaw pairs.

If your Mitchell jaws are needing replaced, we offer several styles and sizes that are designed on-site for your specific Mitchell machine and tube forming needs.

Mitchell Jaws

Spare parts

All Mitchell machines are built with future-proofing in mind. All new machines are shipped with detailed spare parts lists that include all mechanical components that may wear over time, as well as all applicable hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication, and electrical system components. If any component of your machine needs replaced, all you need to do is contact us with your required Mitchell part number in hand.

For older machines, these lists were not created, although all were shipped with arrangement drawings and all schematics. Any spare part requirement and its Mitchell part number can be found on these drawings. Even if none of this information is available, you can still contact us with your machine serial number (PP-XXX) and we will work with you to replace all needed components.

Machine technical services

Mitchell employs several technicians to offer any maintenance services our customers require. Our first plan of action is to work with you remotely to determine the necessary solution to your machinery problem and walk you through repairing it on your own. If the remote troubleshooting fails or is not possible, we are available for on-site repair and technical services.