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Experts of Push Pointer Manufacturing

With our push pointer manufacturing company by your side, you can develop new products or maintain current ones. Our resources allow us to provide you with a broad array of services that are ideal for anyone in the manufacturing industry. Additionally, we offer research and development on the forming of new tube and bar products and can supply you with spare parts on all of our equipment.

Here at George A. Mitchell Co., we strive to maintain a strong relationship with industry leading manufacturers. Our worldwide reach ensures we can meet your production needs. We can help you develop prototypes with our hydraulic push pointer manufacturing machinery. If you need replacement parts, we can provide you with those as well. Our broad array of services assures you that we’re equipped to exceed your expectations.

Research & Development Services

Our facility is outfitted with an in-house research and development center that consists of three purpose-built cold forming machines. Through this equipment, we can accurately simulate and produce a wide variety of prototype tubes. Each piece of machinery is designed for different capacities, ensuring you can manufacture the products you need. These include 60,000 lbs., 120,000 lbs., and 150,000 lbs., and each one serves a different purpose.

Large Machine

Resurfacing & Replacement Parts

All machines age, and eventually, the tube handling system and components need replacing or resurfacing. Our proprietary jaw design allows us to easily extend the life of worn down jaws by resurfacing it. This method is much more cost effective, but in some cases, the jaws may need to be replaced. We offer several styles and sizes that are uniquely designed for your machine.

Additionally, to future-proof our products, we include a detailed list of spare parts with every push point manufacturing machine. That means that whenever you need a replacement part, all we need is the part number, and we’ll get it to you as soon as possible. If your order does not have a parts list, we can still determine which components you need if we have your equipment serial number.

Mitchell Jaws

Technical Expertise at Your Disposal

If you need maintenance services, we can work with you remotely to troubleshoot your machinery. We’ll do our best to walk you through the process of repairing the issue on your own. However, if the extent of the problem cannot be solved without our expertise, our technicians can perform on-site repair and technical services.

With so many options for push pointer manufacturing machinery, it just makes sense to rely on George A. Mitchell Co., where we’re completely dedicated to your success. Our team can assist you in product prototypes and improving the lifespan of your equipment.

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Machine technical services

Mitchell employs several technicians to offer any maintenance services our customers require. Our first plan of action is to work with you remotely to determine the necessary solution to your machinery problem and walk you through repairing it on your own. If the remote troubleshooting fails or is not possible, we are available for on-site repair and technical services.